Tampa Florida – Weponology Module

Improvised Edge & Point Module – March 25 and 26

The Improvised Edge & Point Module is a curriculum adapted from methodologies found in criminal cultures from all over the world. Specifically designed for security professionals, military personnel, and civilians operating in areas and conditions not conducive to the carrying weapons, this course covers the procurement, manufacturing, concealment, and use of improvised weapons in non-permissive environments. In addition, the Improvised Edge & Point Module covers movement in urban landscapes and circumventing complex security issues found in many inhospitable areas.

This unique methodology has been taught to members of federal agencies both domestic and abroad, as well as members of special forces groups and private security contractors.

18 yrs and older. No exceptions.

*** This will be a physical class. Anyone with preexisting conditions (i.e. Heart issues, bone issues, etc.) should heed warning before signing up.

The cost of this 2-day course is $250. Each day will consist of 6 hours of instruction and hands-on applications of weapons in a Non-Permissive Environment (NPE).

Class times 10am- 5pm both days. We will break for lunch.

Attendance for this event will be capped. In order to guarantee a spot you must register.

Gear list:
-Street clothes, Bring additional set for day 2 that can be thrown away.
-Notebook and Pen
-Training blade if you have one
-Live carry blade
-Protective gear (Cup, mouth piece, goggles if you have them)