Evolution in the dark

The subject of escape and evasion is everywhere at the moment. One can find it featured in print and in online videos, there are even entire blogs, podcasts, and websites dedicated to the subject. In addition, escape and evasion seminars are being taught all over the world — there is no shortage of information on the topic.

Home invasions, abductions, and people traveling to places where forced disappearances are an everyday occurrence have motivated droves of people to seek out training in various methodologies; the basis of which is often escaping from various bondage elements and restraints. This material most commonly focuses on defeating handcuffs, duct tape, wire, wrapping plastic and zip ties — some of which has become somewhat dated. It should be noted, for example, that while handcuffs are still sometimes utilized by professional abductors, they have fallen out of favor and more secure and sophisticated restraints are being utilized.

Like anything else in this world, methodology evolves. Criminals have the same access to escape and evasion material that the rest of the world does, and have adapted their tactics accordingly. I have seen a few cases, personally, in which abductors have added countermeasures to some of the bondage elements they use.

For example: the classic zip ties.

Criminals, having gotten wise to how victims can use their own body to break them open, have come up with a way of making this a costly endeavor. Experienced captors will cut zip tie pieces at an angle and add them to the interior ring of the cuff. Once tightened these jagged points penetrate into the victims wrists, making even the slightest movement extremely painful, and opening up a gushing wound if one attempts to force them off by breaking them open. We have found these used, particularly, in cases where crews have been active in the “abduction for ransom” game for a very long time. They call them Vampiros (Vampires) down here in Mexico.

Up till now, these have not yet been seen outside of my inner-circle, but I am sharing it with you now, so that you can get an idea of the effects the Information Age has on criminal methodology, and how this has prompted a very twisted evolution in the dark corners of the world.

Keep safe, stay free and always be dangerous.